Adopted! Yaayy Daphne!

Happy Tail – December 2021 was one of the hardest months of my life. I had to put my beloved Staffordshire down after 14.5 years together. He was my roadtrip companion, my adventure buddy, my protector of my heart and confidant. I had rescued him when he was barely one from a horrible situation. The years of memories we had are ones I never want to replace. I knew another dog would come into my heart and world. But it couldn’t just be ANY dog. When I saw Daphne on Raincoast’s social media, I truly said out loud “Oh she will be mine!” And now she is and has been another rescue story that I will share!

Daphne is a sweet, loveable girl who thinks everyone needs to be friends with her. She celebrates pretty much anything she can when it comes to life and it is always done with lots of snorts and butt wiggles. She has already stolen the hearts of many, as well as my couch and bed. Daphne is a true bulldog through and through, and to know her is to love her! While she is little miss sassy pants, trying to remind you that she is the boss (nice try baby girl), everything she does she does with full zeal. Walks, naps, car rides, playing, zoomies, and keeping me laughing. To know a bully breed is to love a bully breed.

I am so thankful for the amazing work Raincoast and her foster family did in order to rescue her. And to be honest, Daphne chose me and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Here is to years ahead full of memories and adventures!

PS….if we ever meet you out on the street, be careful, she will try and steal your man 😉

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