Adopted! Yaayy Talon!

Happy Tail – Talon is my first adopted dog. Ive worked with raincoast dog rescue for many years throughout my grooming career and have always wanted to adopt a dog from Jesse. Hes watched my dogs and I grow up over the last 8 years and is the kind of someone who would show up at the vet ER to be there for me and my dogs. I wanna thank you Jesse for holding that space for me. I consider you a very good friend and work family.

In march of last year I very tragically had to say goodbye to my Rhino. He was well known and loved in the community and I miss him everyday. Rhinos mother Gooey was not herself after his passing. I mean none of us were but especially her. When I saw Kaya was pregnant I reached out to Jesse voicing that I’d love to adopt a puppy from her litter. Dogs but especially Pitbulls have always carried a special place in my heart and I felt a huge hole from Rhinos passing. As did Guch. I didnt have my heart set on any one color or puppy but I knew I wanted a boy.

Talon (formally simon) was the the lone ranger in the back of the pen. All the others rushed the gate to see us but he sat there sniffing the air with his big blue nose. Darrion and I let him come over to us and when we picked his little body up we knew he was ours. He is like no other dog Ive ever had. Hes spunky and intelligent but he is very calculated and uses his nose before he does anything. Hes a smart boy. He loves everyone and everything. His ears are his best feature but I am enamored with his blue nose and his big heart. He loves Gooey and is always playing with her and cuddling her. He has really spiced up our lives and our family feels so perfect and complete. Rhino can never be replaced as many of you know he was one of a kind. I can see now that a part of who he was was what I taught and raised him to be. I can see that in Talon more and more everyday. Talon is already doing amazing at filling his shoes not only in our family but in the shop. Having him falling asleep on my feet with hair everywhere is everything to me. Sounds like a weird thing to need but its true. He LOVES his toys so much Ive had to buy a toy box for the first time in my life because he leaves it all scattered hazzardly around the house. He is the most comical and animated booger Ive ever known. Im so blessed and thankful to be his mama.

Thank you Jesse 😊 💓

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